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Five reasons plain English is better

» Branding, Branding advice series, Writing

People try to sell me a lot of stuff. I get emails virtually every day promising me all sorts of wonders to guarantee I'll be sleeping in a bed made of money.

At least I think so - half of them I have to take a stab at understanding because they're laced with flowery language. Here are a few I've deciphered:

"Leverage your location intelligence for enhanced insight."
= Find out what customers around you want.

"Create context-based consumer insights."
= Find out more about your customers.

"Craft channelled content."
= Write on your blog.

"Leverage social engagement for economic impact."
= Sell stuff using social media.

Here's the thing - almost everybody I talk to finds these wordy, vague phrases annoying. People overwhelmingly prefer plain English, and here are the five main reasons:

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Qingdao Cultural Complex by Jean Nouvel

» Architecture


Dezeen reports that construction has started in Qingdao, China, on a cultural complex designed by Jean Nouvel featuring a museum, artists' studios and a marina. Hopefully you'll be able to see it through the smog.

Lapin restaurant in Yamanashi by Takeshi Hosaka architects

» Architecture, Japan


Yamanashi is a beautiful, natural part of Japan and, despite the concrete construction, Takeshi Hosaka architects' Lapin French restaurant blends in beautifully.

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Williams FW37 design

» Sports


Williams F1 have released pictures of their new car for 2015, the FW37, and it looks great. F1 cars have looked like a bunch of arse recently, but this is sleek and the Martini stripes make it look even better.

Hopefully it goes as well as it looks.

Some observations after my first run commute

» Happy, Sports
Yeah... I did not look like that.

I've fancied the idea of run commuting - as in running to/from work - for a while, but a combination of excuses and laziness has meant that I've never done it. (Cue dramatic pause) Until now.

Last night I ran just over 11km from my office, and here's what I thought:

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Toyota Dream Art Contest

» Art, Event

Toyota Dream Art Contest

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest invites children from all corners of the globe to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars.

I used to love imagining and drawing cars when I was a kid, so I love competitions like this. Entries are open until March 2015. Good luck!

Amazing libraries around the world

» Architecture, Books, Culture, Happy


We love libraries so much we're opening one of our own. More on that another time, but suffice to say it's not quite as grand as the amazing places on this list on Demilked.

Vanilla Cyclocross

» Bikes, Happy


That bike and that setting. Ahh... I want.

Editing for designers and creative companies

» News, Work

The great thing about running this site and overseeing its development into a business is that I've seen, and continue to see, some wonderful design.

Most design is sent with a press release, and this is where things can sometimes get awkward.

As I've written before, if any of your promotional materials contain errors or are not written well, people are not only going to be reluctant to share them, but also wonder if the same lack of care runs through your design and how you run your business.

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Little Greenback & Co.

» Design for a difference, Happy


Little Greenback & Co. is brilliant! Brilliant idea, brilliant bonus and brilliant design.

Hello. こんにちは。¡Hola!

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